Our Farm

We named our farm after our grass fed Highland cattle and other heritage breed livestock. 

There is nothing cuter than a baby Highland!

Ruadh, a Highland bull

Cocoa, a young female

A fuzzy new calf!

Lucky, as a baby

Reesa and one of her calves

Tamworth Hog

Lucky, growing up!

Big Hurley, Highland bull

Say cheese!

Baby Juno, just a few hours old

Louie, a Large Black boar

Pauline, a Large Black sow

Half a litter of Large Black piglets, just born!

They're each about the size of a guinea pig at this age.

There are ten piglets in this picture, and three more on the way!

Raven and her baby, Juno

Nursing the runt of a Tamworth litter.  We named her Bacon Bits!

Little Thor.  What a cutie!

A brand new litter of Tamworths!