Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Welcome to the Highland Heritage Homeschool blog!

Educating our children at home has been an exciting, fun, and sometimes frustrating journey.  Every day seems to bring new challenges and successes. We knew before our kids were even born that we wouldn't put them in public school, but we had the same concerns about homeschooling that most families do.  How would we find the time?  Could we afford it?  Could we prepare them for college?  Would we be depriving them socially?  What curriculum should we use?

Today we find ourselves answering the same questions we were asking only a few years ago.  Lots of people approach us wanting to know what we're doing, what books and materials we use, and how we make it all work.  Though we haven't been homeschooling long, we've learned so much in the last few years that we wanted to share our experiences with other families. 

Thanks for visiting our blog, we hope you enjoy it!

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