Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School

It's that time of year again!  Most of my friends are doing their back-to-school shopping, making sure their kids have the wardrobe, the new backpack, and all the necessary supplies for a brand new school year. 

Our family has school year-round so there's not quite as much excitement for us in the fall, but it can still be a hectic time of year.  The state of Maine requires me to submit a 'letter of intent to homeschool', as well as a licensed teacher's assessment of the previous year's work. I recently finished putting together a portfolio of my son's work to be evaluated - one thing I can cross off a very long to-do list!

Things seem to go most smoothly when I have a very clear and detailed outline of the entire school year before it begins; this also helps prevent wasted money in the form of books and supplies that don't end up getting used.  For most subjects I can come up with lesson plans for the entire year, which we then supplement with extra activities, online explorations, trips to the library, and any last-minute additions that inspire us.  Good record-keeping not only helps when it's time for our year-end assessment, it will come in handy when homeschooling my younger son - most of the planning will already have been done!

For some awesome free homeschool planner pages, check out this site:
You'll find all kinds of organizational and administrative forms and charts, as well as worksheets, blank maps, timeline forms, and even pages to organize your household chores and cookbook.  I love this website!

I'm hoping to put as much information about our upcoming school year on this blog as possible, subject by subject, so check back often for new posts!