Friday, November 1, 2013

Wrapping Up Halloween!

Halloween is finally behind us!  My boys were so excited and distracted in the days leading up to it that it was tough to keep them on task.  I'm glad I had planned a relatively light workload for the week!  We've wrapped up our Halloween activities, and will be continuing with our farm and autumn themes.

As he has been doing all month, Colby completed an activity from "Halloween Math Art Activities in Printable Worksheets" each day.  (More about this great packet in this post.)

We worked with these fantastic "What's Missing?" alphabet cards from Rakin' in the Learning. (More about this fantastic packet, which we will be using throughout November, can be found here.)

This activity is actually meant to be used with a recording sheet, but with only one student using the cards we were able to simply laminate them and write directly on them with a dry-erase marker!  There are 18 cards; Colby worked very hard at this, and he did great.

He practiced his counting with these fantastic spider mats and cards from "Spiders!  Interactive Playdough Mats, Counting Centers and Games, and Printables".  (We featured other activities from this packet in this post.)

Cute, right?  I wish I'd gotten more pictures of our spider activities, but it was such a busy day.

Here's my little guy working with our autumn-themed ten frames.

I'm obsessed with ten- and twenty-frames lately!  

This activity, which I created myself (with invaluable input from my two little monkeys), consists of ten-frames, a set of cards with the numbers 1-10, a set with the numbers represented with dice, and a third set with tally marks.

Here's a closer look.  If you'd like a copy of this activity, you can download it here (the ten frames and card sets are separate downloads; make sure you get them both!):

We hope you find them useful! 

The terrific Halloween write-the-room that Colby is working on so intently is a freebie from MrsPayton!

As I always do, I hid the cards throughout our classroom and Colby hunted for them, then wrote the words on the recording sheet.  If you'd like a copy of this free activity, you can find it here:

This recording sheet, and the super cute cards below, are from Rita Mitchell's "Farm Write the Room: Interactive Writing Activity".  This is actually only part of it - there's so much included that I have it split up into several days' worth of activities!  

There are different recording sheets included, so you can choose the option that works best for you.  I love Rita Mitchell's write-the-room activities, and you just can't beat the price.  This one is only $1.50!  (Remember, only a fraction of the product is shown here!  It's a fantastic deal.)

These farm animal count-and-clip cards are yet another awesome freebie from Teaching With Nancy.  I have a pretty extensive collection of her products, both free and purchased, and I love every single one.

You can find this freebie here: Farm Animal Count and Clip Cards (1-12), and I highly recommend checking out the rest of her store while you're at it!

We read a lot of Halloween and Autumn books this week; when I asked Colby which one I should feature in our blog post, he chose "Pumpkin Soup" by Helen Cooper.

The illustrations are fantastic, and the story is a good reminder that some things are more important than getting your own way.

This "10 Little Chickies" book is part of this On the Farm Educational Unit from Learn and Grow Designs.  I got this product as part of a massive Teachers Notebook fundraiser for the tornado victims of Moore, Oklahoma.  Along with many, many other TN sellers, Learn and Grow Designs donated their hard work to raise money for people in need.  I encourage you to visit their shop and show some love!

Colby used finger paint to make the correct number of fingerprint chicks on each page.  

When they were dry, he added legs, beaks, and eyes with fine-point markers.

Then I cut out the pages and stapled them together.  The finished product is adorable!

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