Sunday, September 22, 2013

Kindergarten Apple Mania Part 1

It's that time of year!  We love apple season.  Here are a few of the ways we've brought apples into our classroom:

These super-cute ten frame clip cards are one of the activities from Applelicious Ten Frame Activities.  I love this packet! It's exactly what I was looking for, and so inexpensive.  We'll be doing a lot more with it next week.

This apple patterning activity is a freebie from Made in 1st Grade.  Click the link to check out their blog and grab a copy, along with some other great apple freebies!  The free download includes another sheet with the apples already drawn for the student to color, or you could have your child draw their own apples.  I used an apple-shaped punch to make red, yellow, and green apples for Colby to pattern with.

These FREE apple counting mats are from Kindergarten Lifestyle.  What a fun activity!  Apple counters in three colors are included; the counting mats are for numbers 1-10.

This cut-n-paste apple order activity is a two-page freebie from Nicole at Rowdy in Room 300.  The first page covers numbers 1-5, and the second page is 6-10.  Colban was really proud of himself for completing both pages correctly without any help!

And of course my little nugget is on board for anything involving bingo markers!  This "A is for Apple" Do-A-Dot/Tracing page is from the FREE A is for Apple Tot & Preschool Pack by All Our Days.  

Another great freebie from Kindergarten Lifestyle!  This Apple Five Senses activity was lots of fun!  Colby examined an apple using his five senses, and recorded his observations (with a little help) on the corresponding worksheets.  As you can see, the "Taste" worksheet was his favorite!

Okay, this one has nothing to do with apples!  Colby also completed his project for the Letter M last week.  Isn't it cute?  He wanted a "big, fat mouse!", so I made the fattest "M" that I could!  

And of course, we read some apple books!  

Ten Red Apples, by Pat Hutchins.
This one is great for kiddos that are learning to count, add, or subtract numbers 1-10!

Apples, Apples Everywhere!: Learning About Apple Harvests, by Robin Koontz.
 I love the illustrations in this book!  It's a great introduction to apple harvesting, and how apples are used.

The Apple Pie Tree, by Zoe Hall.
A cute story with fun illustrations, and a great way to learn about the seasonal cycle of an apple tree!

More apple links and activities on the way!
(Kindergarten Apple Mania Part 2 is now up - check out our 2nd week of apple fun!)

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