Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kindergarten Apple Mania Part 2

The apple fun continues!  I was aiming for two weeks worth of apple activities to supplement our regular curriculum, but I ended up with three!  I wasn't able to get pictures of everything as we did it, but I did my best!  Here's a peek at our second week of apples:

Colban predicted that an apple would float if he put it in the water.  We tested his prediction, and recorded the results on this worksheet:

He drew a picture of his apple,

and then we measured it with a piece of ribbon. As you can see, he really enjoyed this activity!

He measured the length of the ribbon with unifix cubes,

and recorded his findings on the worksheet.

Finally, we weighed the apple using a pan balance and bear counters:

It ended up taking 48 bears to match the weight of the apple.  We only had 50 bears to work with; I was starting to worry that we wouldn't have enough!  Colban recorded his results:

All of the above activity sheets (and a whole lot more!) are from Sarah Paul's awesome, FREE Apple-licious Activities Pack.

Then we did this great, FREE Ten Frame Apples Up On Top activity from Amber Monroe!

Colby used Q-tips and poster paint to complete the accompanying worksheet.  He had a blast!  Click the link above to grab a copy of this activity.

These cut-and-paste patterning pages are from First Grade Parade.  They're part of an AMAZING 35-page freebie pack.  To see more of the activities and download a copy, check out her blog post here!

A peek at a couple of the patterns Colby has completed thus far.

We did this super cute apple-themed Count the Room activity from Differentiation Station.  Can you believe it's free?!

These beautiful ten frame math mats are from the Applelicious Ten Frame Activities pack from Teaching With Nancy.  

I'm so happy with this purchase!  There are so many activities in the (very inexpensive) packet, and Colby has enjoyed all of them.

For more free apple-themed activities and printables, try my Pinterest board:

Blogs and TpT stores included in this post:

For the bear counters we used:

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